What's new

Expedit changes and new features


Expedit 2.2.4

October 2023

  • Support for new version of web routing service.

Expedit 2.2.3

September 2023

  • Support for new services introduced: Balikovo.
  • Internal improvements and bugfixes.

Expedit 2.2.2

November 2022

  • Multifunctional bar-code redesigned.
  • Internal improvements and bugfixes.

Expedit 2.2.0

January 2021

  • Address-based routing plugin integrated.
  • Minor issues and bugfixes.

Expedit 2.1.7

January 2020

  • Internal improvements and bugfixes.

Expedit 2.1.6

September 2019

  • Sorting labels printed on Expedit stickers.
  • Internal improvements and minor bugfixes.

Expedit 2.1.5

February 2019

  • Support for online ZIP codes database update.
  • Updated ZIP codes and ZIP-related services.
  • Internal performance improvements.

Expedit 2.1.4

June 2018

  • Insurance limits changed according to SPS policy.

Expedit 2.1.3

February 2018

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

Expedit 2.1.1

December 2017

  • COD limit changed from 3.300 to 5.000 EUR - domestic shipments.
  • Notification options per country - international shipments.
  • Internal performance improvements.

Expedit 2.0.9

August 2017

  • Bulgaria is now available for international shippers.
  • Application performance improvements for network version.
  • Minor issues and bugfixes.

Expedit 2.0.8

March 2017

  • Optional: auto-incrementing value for "Reference 1" field.
  • Customizable options for COD service: keep value and/or payment option from last COD shipment.
  • Improved automatic number range assignment.

Expedit 2.0.7

July 2016

  • Customizable limits for COD and insurance values.

Expedit 2.0.6

March 2016

  • New service: Parcel shop service is available now.
  • International shippers: Cash on delivery (Dobierka) currency now can be set to EUR or destination country currency, for each country separately.
  • Fixed mobile number format issues for importing shipments.
  • Landline phone is not mandatory any more – but either landline or mobile phone number must be given. For some services (Parcel shop, Parcel terminal, SMS notification) mobile phone number is mandatory.

Expedit 2.0.4

January 2016

  • Shared address book (network and standalone version): option to turn on a common address book among several or all accounts on one Expedit standalone installation or Expedit LAN.
  • 'COD only' exception allowance: an attempt to create shipment with '0' as COD amount for receiver with flag 'COD only' is allowed upon confirmation by user. Same exception allowed for import routine, as an option.
  • Shipment TaT status functionality revorked due to changes in CargoNet web services.
  • Format of mobile number +4219XXYYYYYY during import is allowed, as well as telefone format 09xxyyyyyy.
  • ZIP code checking issue while import (002 – international shipments only).
  • Fixed issue with too much bar-code numbers reservation.

Expedit 2.0.0

June 2015

  • Automatic number range assignment (via web services) was implemented.
  • Option to duplicate shipments from history as new shipments.
  • Option to merge several shipments into single shipment.
  • Track & Trace direct link is included in email notification.

Expedit 1.9.8

April 2015

  • Targeted search options (by name, address, phone nr. etc) are integrated in address book views and shipments view.
  • Import shipments routine fixed to accept per parcels reference with max. length up to 35 chars each.
  • Shipment editor accept per shipment or per parcels references, each up to 35 chars.
  • Client-server communication performance improvements.

Expedit 1.9.6

February 2015

  • Support for VIAMO payment option.

Expedit 1.9.5

December 2014

  • Support for English language.
  • History of delivered shipments view is changed: more shipment details on parcel level, including the shipment number and T&T details are displayed.
  • History of delivered shipments export to MS Excel is changed in order to include additional parcel details.
  • Option to keep 'goods description (popis tovaru)' from previous shipment in shipment editor.
  • Email notification for 2 email address (comma or semicolon separated).
  • In profile settings, status bar displays information about current profile.
  • In shipment import procedure, ZIP codes with space (e.g. 851 01) are accepted.
  • In shipment import procedure, path to the last imported file is remembered.

Expedit 1.9.3

November 2014

  • Reference numbers: Option to set reference number for each parcel is implemented. After activation in 'Editor options', shipment creation interface will allow setting the reference per parcel.
  • Import reference number for each parcel (in import file references per parcel are separated by comma, eg. 'ref1,ref2,ref3').
  • Option to rotate shipment labels during printing for 180°.

Expedit 1.9.2

October 2014

  • International shipments: Parcel terminals delivery for Check Republic (CZ) service introduced.
  • Local services based on ZIP codes are updated on client side.
  • History of shipments: Search result displays max 1000 items, instead of 100.
  • Several minor bug-fixes.

Expedit 1.9.1

September 2014

  • Parcel terminals (balikomaty): wrong diacritics fixed.

Expedit 1.9.0

August 2014

  • Shipments import: automatic checking of imported shipments for duplicates, according to reference number.
  • Track & trace: link to external track & trace and integrated preview window.
  • Network version: selected rows persistance bugfix in tabular views.
  • User interface fixes: insurance field visibility fix, length of alphanumeric ZIP codes for Great Britain

Expedit 1.8.8

June 2014

  • Data import: added virtual columns and their default values (where applicable); mapping more than one Expedit fields to one import file column; allow import of multiple address book records with same company-details values.
  • Address book editor extended with additional fields.
  • Selecting the print layout for labels. User can select the printing order of shipment labels.
  • Specialized import of shipments history from external application is added.
  • Various minor bug-fixes and improvements.

Expedit 1.8.6

April 2014

  • All tabular views: column order and size is persistent – it is saved automatically and restored next time Expedit is started.
  • New notification services are introduced: phone, SMS and e-mail notification.
  • Company logo is printed on shipping labels, shipping list and mini report instead of text signature.
  • Receiver phone number printed on shipping list and mini report.
  • Shipment editor: goods description is required field now.
  • Various minor bug-fixes and improvements.
Expedit 1.8.5 and older versions are not supported any more